The science behind the CoolSculpting® procedures we perform at our Boulder office is relatively simple: research has proven that targeted cold temperatures can selectively affect fat cells in the human body without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. The CoolSculpting applicators we use at our Boulder clinic draw body tissue up between two cooling panels using vacuum suction and cool targeted areas of one’s body to temperatures that are proven to facilitate fat cell death. After the fat cells have died, they are metabolized and disappear over the course of the next few months, reducing thickness in the outer layer of fat.

What Kind of Applicators Are Used for CoolSculpting?

There are several different applicators which have been specifically designed to most effectively target the different treatment areas of your body that require fat reduction while also fitting a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. At Weight Loss MD Boulder Clinic, we are well equipped with a wide range of cryolipolysis applicators that can get you the results you desire no matter what parts of your body require fat freezing. We have applicators that are optimal for larger treatment areas, smaller treatment areas, places on the body with non-pinchable fat; applicators specific to upper arms, and applicators best used on the abdomen and thighs. Whatever service you’re looking for, Weight Loss MD Boulder Clinic has the technology to accomplish it.

How Long Before I See Results?

After a cryolipolysis CoolSculpting at our Boulder clinic, targeted fat cells will slowly break down and your body will subsequently dispose of them in a natural metabolization process. This task can take the body several months to accomplish, as fat cells must undergo a lengthy journey until they are permanently disposed of. After their initial deaths, lipids will release from the targeted fat cells and be transported to the lymphatic system for processing and eventual termination. Inflammatory cells in your body will then slowly digest the remaining parts of the affected dead fat cells. It takes several months for these complex internal procedures to run their course and up to 6 months for the cells to be completely flushed from your body.

Everyone Has Individual Needs

It should be noted that each of our Boulder clients will metabolize the affected cells at a different speed, meaning that there is no specific amount of time that can pinpoint exactly when you will notice the results from your local Boulder fat freezing cryolipolysis CoolSculpting procedure. Our professionals will use the individually optimized, non-invasive fat freezing applicators that suit your specific needs, rid your body of those unwanted fat cells naturally and safely!

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