When Boulder residents think about weight loss they assume that a loss of fat cells is an intrinsic part of the process, however this is not necessarily true. The number of fat cells in any given individual’s body is fixed, and typically established during adolescence. This means that no matter how much weight you gain or lose, you will always have the same number of fat cells as they are not being eradicated by weight loss, similar to how they do not multiply due to weight gain. The fixed number of fat cells in our bodies only have the capacity to shrink and expand. No amount of dieting or exercise induced weight loss can lower the number of fat cells in your body, and if you have stubborn fat clinging to your body, you can rid yourself of them at our Boulder location.

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Is Not Weight Loss

When you come to Weight Loss MD Boulder Clinic, it’s important to understand that the CoolSculpting® method of fat freezing is all about the destruction of individual fat cells, not the amount of weight you lose. CoolSculpting procedures seek out and destroy fat cells in a targeted area, eliminating them completely to assure that they do not simply migrate to another place in your body—this process is not something that can be accomplished by diet and exercise alone. No matter how much weight you lose or gain the number of fat cells in your body will remain the same, changing only in size.

Why Use Boulder Clinic’s CoolSculpting Procedure?

What is the advantage to fat freezing rather than just losing weight on your own? Well, just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean that you’ll get rid of unwanted body fat. Our Boulder Cryolipolysis CoolSculpting assures the safe removal of these fat pockets in a safe way. Any weight loss or dieting should be done in a healthy way that is respectful of your body, but oftentimes the results of such diets and lifestyle changes are not satisfactory due to those pesky pockets of fat that are immune to these efforts. A CoolSculpting procedure should not be considered as a significant one-time weight loss option, like a gastric bypass, but rather an aid on your health journey that work in conjunction with personal lifestyle choices to help you achieve your dream figure.

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