Cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting®, procedures are an effective, non-invasive weight loss option for those in the Boulder area who are interested in using a safe, natural method to contour their bodies. This new fat freezing technique targets and kills subcutaneous fat cells, breaking them down without causing residual damage to the other cells of your body. Our Boulder clinic’s approach to CoolSculpting procedures is out-patient and does not require any anesthesia or recovery time. If you find that, no matter how much you diet or exercise, there are still stubborn pockets of unwanted fat clinging to your hips, abdomen, upper arms or thighs, a CoolSculpting procedure at Weight Loss MD Boulder Clinic may be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

CoolSculpting® Specifics

How It Works

Treatment Areas

Fat Reduction Vs. Weight Loss

What Areas Can Cryolipolysis Target?

Before you can undergo a CoolSculpting procedure at our Boulder clinic, our professionals will perform an individual body assessment, determining how best to approach your case based on the amount of removable fat on your body. The fat freezing cryolipolysis process can be implemented to contour any area of your body where there is stubborn fat, including the upper arms, abdomen, flank, hips, thighs and or buttocks. Call our Boulder office today for more information regarding cryolipolysis.

The Science Behind Cryolipolysis

Our Boulder clinic’s professional CoolSculpting applicators draw body tissue up between two cooling panels using vacuum suction and cool targeted areas to temperatures that have been proven to facilitate fat cell death. Following this fat freezing procedure, your targeted fat cells will enter a state of apoptosis, an entirely natural and intuitive form of programmed cell death. During this process, fat cells are reduced to such a low temperature that they will begin to die from the inside out in the same naturally occurring process seen in the cells of humans, animals and more. After the fat cells have died, lipids are slowly released from them and eliminated via the lymphatic system over the course of the next few months, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss

There is a significant difference between losing fat and losing weight, and at Weight Loss MD Boulder Clinic, it is one of our top priorities to ensure that our clients understand this. The number of fat cells in an individual’s body is typically a fixed number that is established sometime during adolescence. This means that losing weight does not actually eliminate fat cells, but rather shrinks them, meaning that they have the potential to expand again if the body weight is gained back. No amount of dieting or exercise induced weight loss can lower the number of fat cells in your body—but undergoing a cryolipolysis CoolSculpting procedure at Medical Weight Loss Boulder can help you obtain the results you seek!

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